Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  –John 8:32 (NIV)

I know that many will not want to receive this information of truth.  However, like it or not, it is…truth!  I’ve stopped putting up Christmas trees and such when I found out what it all meant at the church that I attend (see below).  It goes against my Christian, biblical beliefs in all ways.  It’s amazing how the enemy schemes to make every good, Godly thing into a work of deception.  It’s also the reason why I do not say “Merry Christmas” any more but rather “Happy Holidays” which covers the year-end celebrations such as Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day.  I’ve also informed my children and other family members regarding the truth about Christmas.  I realize that for some, it will be a little harder to accept and stop celebrating than others because it has been the traditional thing to do for so long.  I believe for children, it will be the hardest to accept.  For example, my son knows the truth and believes it to be so.  He doesn’t do the Christmas tree thing either.  However, he still buys a few gifts for his very young, elementary school-age sons in which they opened at my house.  Then, they make rounds at other family members’ homes on his father’s side of the family.  After this year, prayerfully he will inform his sons so that they will understand as well and be able to accept it from the ages that they are.  Please don’t look at it as being harsh.  It’s not impossible, for other religions who believe in other things are able to teach their families, friends and children what they believe.  They stand behind it and practice it.  When it comes to truth, we simply must be about it in all ways, including this!

Below, Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, who is the Senior Pastor of Windsor Village United Methodist Church (http://www.kingdombuilders.com/) sheds some valuable light on his findings regarding the facts and truth about Christmas.  While Pastor Caldwell has offered this for our knowledge, you do not just have to take his word for it.  Research it for yourself!  There is much, much more information out there regarding the truth about Christmas.  Please read and be freed!


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