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Normality vs. Normalcy:  Both of these nouns are derivatives from the adjective “normal”.  And, “normal” means to conform to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.  However, according to some speakers, it has been said that the word “normality” is preferred over “normalcy” simply because it is a neologism which means a newly coined word, usage or expression which can be offensive.  Now that I’ve given that brief grammar lesson that I didn’t plan, I’ll return to what I really wanted to share with you.

I can’t help but to be grateful to God for a true sense of normality.  Please allow me to explain.  I don’t dare take for granted the everyday things that I can actually achieve.  For instance, I’m grateful that I can pay bills, buy food for my family, drive my children to school, put gas in my tank, network with others, conduct business, make decisions, take care of other needs.  And, after all of that is done, I can still enjoy some pleasures in my life.  An even greater blessing is if there’s something too challenging for me, then I know that there’s nothing too hard for God!  O Happy Day!

And the way that I’m seeing it is that normality doesn’t mean mediocrity nor complacency either.  After people have been through so much, when they can still feel peace of mind, joy, freedom and still go on in perseverance, productivity, and purpose…that’s normality to me.  It can even be viewed as greatness in some ways as some people will crack very badly under pressure with some of them recovering and some not.

And lastly, I definitely don’t mean doing business as normal.  As for anybody working and striving to do things with purpose, your faith walk is going to make sure you keep climbing to higher heights.  You couldn’t stop it if you tried!  Your purpose will keep pushing you! Hallelujah!


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