Reinventing Yourself & Your Will…Not The Wheel


I am always excited about Resurrection Week and Sunday (John 20:1-31) just as much as I am about Pentecost Week and Sunday (Acts 2:1-21).  For me personally, as well for some other believers, these important events and/or times of the year bring serious reflections and gratitude for our awesome Father (God, creator of heaven and earth), His Son, (Jesus, our living Savior and Redeemer) and Comforter/Wise Counselor (the Holy Spirit who grants us power against the enemy).  And, although the three are one, we still have to consider the actual breakdown of each one’s role as briefly pointed out above.  Please feel free to study more about each in the Holy Bible.  Jesus is best described as our role model as He walked the earth once upon a time with unshakable faith in His Father.

Questions:  Where is your faith today?  Has life’s situations and consequences or the world’s systems gotten you down?  Please do not be discouraged nor be ready to give up.  Remember, without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).  When others are saying negative things about you, telling you that you can not do something or you are not who you know God told you that you are, just ignore them while consistently lifting your eyes to the hills for your help which comes from the Lord (Psalm 121:1).  The Lord will never leave you nor abandon you (Hebrews 13:5) just lead you, if you allow Him to.  Sometimes flesh (yourself and/or others) can get in the way, but pray for obstacles to be removed so you can hear and do the perfect will of God for your life.

Perhaps you have been going about things the wrong way or just need to step things up.  From time to time, you may have to reinvent yourself.  Change or improve your strategies for better business practices, building personal or business relationships, increasing clientele or whatever your heart desires.  Keep in mind that sometimes you do not even have make major changes or improvements.  Sometimes it is just a matter of being mindful of what is working for others.  Am I saying be a copycat?  No!  Originality is always going to be better…kept in the right perspective, of course.  And, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).  However, in this case, how God blesses one, He will certainly do for others.  Remember, God wants us to prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers (III John 1:2).  Again, He does not mean for all of that to happen for just one person.

Now, if total change is necessary (or an overhaul), the Holy Spirit is good about telling us so, if we are willing to listen and be obedient.  And, obedience is better than sacrifice (I Samuel 15:22).  It can only make things better!

Final thoughts:

1) Whether you are just realizing who you are or what you want to do, or reinventing yourself, always seek (and keep) God first in all things and everything you need (and want) will fall into place (Matthew 6:33).  Do not lose focus!  Move forward!

2) And lastly, while you are reinventing yourself and will (which should be in God’s will) by not reinventing the wheel, do not lose your very own saltiness (not bitterness nor cruelty, but unique character) and remain a bright light (Matthew 5:13-14).


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