Amy A. Gentry says that she has been chosen to bring truth, justice and help to others.  She admits that she absolutely dislikes the injustices of the world which is one of the reasons why she is for the underdog.  She desires that no one is ignorant to the devices the enemy uses to destroy people in any aspect of their lives so that they may be healed in their minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits and then be made free.

While Ms. Gentry is presently writing “Surviving Workplace Politics and Beyond”, she has authored another book entitled, “Wake-Up Call: A Woman’s Survival Guide”.  It was released previously but will be revised as a second edition.  That book takes a look at the role the devil plays in male-female relationships and the games, lies and deceptions that are prevalent today.  It is not about male-bashing, just about getting your heart right!  These two books are the first two in the Wake-Up Call Series which is a series to bring about healing, deliverance, reality and change.

Ms. Gentry is also working on her non-profit organization called Operation H.Y.S.S.O.P. (Help Young Single Sisters on Parenting) as part of an outreach program to assist young single mothers (and single fathers as applies) with their children, as well as educating and preparing them for better living (501c3).  It is about becoming independent by utilizing God’s principles and good available resources as necessary.  One of the best things is that you are never too young or too old to learn and grow.  So, this program will also benefit an older single mother who is trying to achieve higher levels later in her life.

Ms. Gentry is an administrative professional mainly in the healthcare industry, and is a divorced mother of two sons and one daughter.  She has three grandsons and a granddaughter.  She also has a daughter-in-law.  Ms. Gentry was raised the youngest of six siblings by both of her parents in a stable environment where she was taught integrity.  She attends Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.  A native Houstonian, she graduated from Houston Community College with a degree in Business Management.  She is working towards a Bachelor degree in Organizational Leadership & Supervision at the University of Houston.

“…but with God, all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26